About NYPO

The NYPO (Newham Young People Online) website is being set up as a common space for educational projects with children and young people within the London Borough of Newham.

NYPO was originally set up in 1998 as a Newham Youth Service project whose aim was to encourage young people to use the Internet safely, creatively and collaboratively. Since 2010 the project has been managed by Netstorms an independent learning services provider that has worked with Newham Summer School each summer since that date.

The plan for the NYPO website is to develop it as an ‘interactive magazine’ that features the work, ideas and discussions of by young people.


Newham Summer School 2016

This year Netstorms ran five courses for Newham Summer School these were Computer Maintenance, Creating a Mobile App, Digital Designs, Making an Online Magazine and Creating Games with Scratch.

Tech Tribe

From August 22 to 24th we are working on a special project called Tech Tribe at the Rabbits Road Institute.