Monthly Archives: August 2014


HI My name is Musaab. I love creating games and playing them. I’ve made a text adventure game and a scratch game. If you need any help you can ask me and ill try to help you on scratch or text adventure game. I also play a game called MINECARFT witch is a sandbox game full of adventure and fun. […]

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Nia’s byline! :)

Hey, my name is Shania or to some who have trouble remembering I go by Nia (pronounced NEE-AH). I have an unhealthy addiction for all things girly including the very cliché fashion world, so of course I am the fashion correspondent. I am a sarcastic but very light-hearted person; despite my contradictory personality my intention […]

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A ‘contributor’ to this site is somebody who can write and manage their own blog posts but cannot publish them. Their posts will be reviewed and published by an ‘editor’ or ‘administrator’. Most members of this site will start off as contributors and as they become more trusted they will graduate to be ‘authors’ which means […]

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