My Fall Out Boy Project Rocket EP

This CD is one which I hold especially close to my heart. The story of how I came to own it is somewhat less interesting than how I eventually got it signed. A year ago, Fall Out Boy were in London for little more than a week. I saw this as my best chance of ever meeting the band and upon finding out that they would be performing on the Alan Carr show at ITV studios I knew that I had to be there. That evening I tirelessly planned my journey and attempted to bake a batch of cupcakes as a gift (which I ended up eating as they didn’t go to plan).


On the morning of April 10th 2013, I woke up at 5am and left my home to perhaps meet the four most influential people in my life. I can’t say that my mum was too happy about me getting a train and wandering about central London by myself but there was no force on Earth that could have stopped me from meeting my idols. After getting lost a number of times, I found that I was the only person there (Aside from a few Peter Andre fans). The band didn’t turn up until a lot later in the afternoon but I did make some good friends whilst waiting out in the cold. United by the one thing we had in common, a love for Fall Out Boy, we worked together to spot the band as they entered the studios. The excitement that we all felt once we saw the band quickly dismissed any exhaustion we may have felt by that point, the only experience I could compare it to was seeing Fall Out Boy come on stage at Wembley Arena.


I didn’t get the opportunity to see them as they performed on Alan Carr however the experience on a whole was definitely worthwhile. Some say meeting your idols often ends in disappointment however the band were extremely polite and accepted my gift of roses and signed my CD more than happily. My first experience of meeting Fall Out Boy will stay with me for the rest of my life and I will cherish this EP forever.


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