The Maze 1

The Maze 1

This video shows you how to create a maze game in Scratch.

First we learn the code to move the sprite on the stage:

With just 5 blocks of code we have learned how to make the sprite move across the stage continuously. It’s jusr a little more complicated to use your keyboard to control the movement of the sprite:

How many blocks have we used this time?

A computer program also known as a script is a set of instruction. It works like this. If you are on a ‘stage’ and I want you to move, I give an instruction like move 10 steps and you move 10 steps in whatever direction you are facing. But I can give you more complicated instructions also – for example I can tell you that if you hear me say ‘left’ you move to the left side of the stage and if you hear me say ‘right’ you more to the right side of the stage. If I say ‘down’ you sit down and if I say ‘up’ you get up.

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